Always Improving for our Clients

Always Improving for our Clients

Dear valued customers and community members, Did you notice the new look of our website? We are constantly investing in our business to make storing with us an easy choice. And not only are we improving our online presence, but at Monarch Storage, we are committed to...

Want to Sell Antiques?

Want to Sell Antiques? You might have been cleaning out a relatives storage unit and come across several items that you realize might be worth something. Or maybe you stumbled across a garage sale and found some items that would sell for a lot of money to the right...

The Wave of Minimalism

Many people are starting to subscribe to the idea of minimalism. The idea of living with intention and only buying things that you absolutely need. It is very popular especially with millennials because, let’s be real, many of us are too poor to afford to purchase a...

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